Dream Big


For more than half my days, I sat behind a computer dreaming about life on the outside. I created a secret board on Pinterest called Round the World.  I hoped that someday our family would take one of those epic journeys. Truth be told, fear was a limiting factor, and I never believed it was possible to forego “the rules” and embrace a risky dream. For some time I didn’t realize that I had the ability to make my own dreams come true.

Earlier this year we turned our lives upside down. I walked away from my desk job in the city and Brad left for work in Idaho. We have traveled many miles over the Oregon Trail this summer, going back and forth through Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. Just like the pioneers we held onto hope that something better was out there. Slowly we stitched together our dreams of travel and a plan was formed.

In the next few weeks we will start an “expedition” around the United States. I believe the actual journey started at that desk many years ago.  It has been a long process of dreaming and planning. Please keep us in your thoughts as we road trip with our boys. Imagine: Angst coming from the back seat. Food bribes. Dreams of minimal screen time…failing miserably. And road school. For thousands of miles. It’s possible we are delusional.  If nothing else this will be a good study about what it’s like when one family goes way outside its comfort zone.  Successes and failures.

We can always be learners, even as adults. On the road we hope to become readers, writers, foodies, sociologists, scientists, measurers of mountains and question askers. We will be forever changed in ways we can’t imagine. The most exciting prospect of reaching for an unlikely dream is touching it and reaching for the next.  Please join us as we write about our travels.


13 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. We are so excited to see and hear about your adventures! These will be memories of a lifetime. Taking a leap is not easy but always leads to some interesting and exciting g times.

    Cheers to all of you, be safe and have fun.


  2. Meghan, you are such a beautiful writer. Can’t wait to read all your blogs during the journey. Have fun, breathe and enjoy every minute.


  3. This is incredible! What an amazing adventure. You are one inspiring bunch and I can’t wait to follow along on this journey via your beautiful words and photos.


  4. Not many people can say daily they are doing something for the first time….. you will for the next four months! I am so proud of you! The best of all I love seeing you happy and confident. Great work Megbo. I look forward to following you and your family making memories. Love ya…. but you already know that…


  5. enjoy, enjoy each day as it unfolds allowing your dreams to become your reality….sending light and love for the roads ahead…


  6. So excited for you. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. You are a beautiful writer, glad you decided to blog about your trip. I too had dreamed of our trip and my family indulged me in they dream. Now we are all hooked on traveling and can’t wait to do it again. We loved reading out loud on our trip. (As the kids had gotten older we had stopped reading to them).Here are some books we liked “journey to the river sea” and “true blue scouts of sugar man swamp”. Jim also read the “4 hour work week”. Safe travels!


  7. Sounds like so much fun . We did a lot of traveling by car when our sons were small. I always loved all the history. I think they saw every major river in the United States. So much bigger in person than in a book. Have fun and be safe.


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