Travel Mode


It wasn’t so easy as just zipping up a plan to travel around the U.S.  There was much debate. As you know from the last post, a round the world trip was choice A.  Choice B was South America.  And then the U.S.  We eliminated RTW based on finances and just the mind blowing enormity of the thing.  We are fortunate to have family in South America, but we opted to travel there when the boys are older.  Traveling the U.S is something we take for granted.  It is so familiar to us and yet we rarely explore the depths of all it has to offer.  We listen to the stories of places people have been.  We dream of going there.  So, that was intriguing to us.  Seeing first hand the storied places, but maybe going one step further.  I find it interesting to take suggestions from people we meet along the way.  It’s kind of fun to think we are tourists in our own country.

We have been all over the place trying to figure out the logistics of our trip.  We thought about going all van life around the country and discovered that they are super expensive. Apparently it’s the way to go right now.  Modified.  Van.  We searched for hard sided campers.  We thought about renting an R.V.  Truly we did not even consider hotels/ motels (with the exception of their necessity in relation to showering).  In the end we just decided to be good stewards of our resources and use what we have.  A pop-up camper.  Bless our hearts.  Thankfully we have some good people who want to use their outdoor outfitting skills to help us stay warm into the winter months.

Because, yes.  We are road tripping in the winter and hopefully skiing our way around the west.  I will post more on our travel plans coming up.  But rest assured the rough draft considers all the weather and climate variables we could imagine.  We literally packed for three different seasons, and weather on both coasts.  We packed for water and snow.  Hot and cold.  We packed with the intention of leaving home and not coming back until the end of December.  Although we packed minimally, the most important thing we had to leave behind was our dog.  And that is a story for another day…


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