Teewinot means “many pinnacles” in Shoshone. It is the sixth highest peak in the Teton Mountain Range. Mount Teewinot is 12,330 feet high at its highest point. Jenny Lake is the lake that is beside Mount Teewinot. Jenny Lake was carved out by a glacier long ago. Jenny Lake is 256 feet at its deepest point. The glacier that carved out Jenny Lake came down through Cascade Canyon. We have spent a lot of time over the course of 4 months at String Lake and Jenny Lake. String Lake is a feeder lake to Jenny Lake. There is also a shuttle boat service called Jenny Lake Boating. When you go across the lake on a boat you can go on a hike to Hidden Falls. It is a waterfall that comes from snow melt year round. Hidden Falls also gives water to Jenny Lake. Lots and lots of people climb Mount Teewinot every year. That would be a fun thing to do. That is one of my goals.


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