Week 2 – The week we decided to slow it down

On the road...


The second leg of our trip taught us a thing or two.  For one, we are not ambitious travelers.  If you saw our original map, just throw it out.  Because, seriously, we are in a pop up camper.  Two weeks in and we know that we are not going to go to all that trouble for one night.  Plus we are sick to death of the boys asking if they can stop to see something and (we say no because…) we are worried about how we are going to set up camp before dark.  Those days are gone.  We are ready to explore where we are and hang out for a bit.

And, another thing.  We had very little time to spend in Oklahoma.  We would have liked to stop and visit, but as our navigation tells us – proceed to the route.  We spent some time at the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  It was heavy and really affected the boys.  I was affected.  To tears.  It just brought back so many memories of the children who were lost.  It was a beautiful memorial.  But.  It’s good to remember that kids can only handle so much.  We will pass on some other memorials until the boys are ready to take on the sadness of those places.  They understood and took in more than we expected.

One of the great highlights of this last week were all of the new to us animals we encountered in Texas. Let’s just say that armadillos are at the top of our list of wacky, fun to observe creatures.  They make so much noise.  Like a bear in the woods kind of noise.  All they are doing is looking for bugs in the underbrush.  They were totally oblivious and not at all concerned with us.

We are nine states in (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana) and 3,000 miles.  Things are coming together.  We are learning to work things out on the fly because there’s nowhere to hide.  No room for bad feelings.  These guys I’m traveling with are top notch.  We are in New Orleans for a few days and then we will follow the Natchez Trace Parkway from Mississippi to Tennessee.


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