Week 4 – Where Stuff Gets Real

On the road...


We’ve started to experience weather on our trip.  There have been multiple nights with freezing temperatures and our first rain in Virginia.  But that’s not the only storm we have weathered.  I’m always encouraged to post the bright, pretty pictures of our trip.  Looking at the beauty of what we’re experiencing is sort of a coping mechanism for what we’re experiencing.  When I look at pretty pictures I know there’s a back story.  I’ve done enough family photo shoots to know that one picture with eyes open, smile/ no smile, pre-tears is worth a thousand hours.  Our family is no exception.


I hope you know we miss home often.  We wonder in exasperation why we’re doing whatever it is that day.  Everyone has thrown a temper tantrum.  Most of us have cried (I’ll let you guess who still has dry eyes although we may push him to the point).  We argue.  We have the normal navigational “discussions” that happen to husbands and wives across the globe.  There have been heels dug, food thrown, feelings hurt and words misunderstood.


We are learning to get past the stormy weather and fixing our eyes on the sun.  We are not a perfect, happy go lucky family.  But we are scrappers out here on the road, doing what we can to make it work.  For every sunny landscape you see, you miss the family at the rest stop gathering themselves.  For every close up shot of moss or a rock or a leaf, you don’t see alligator tears or a timeout or a giant dent in the fender of the car.  It’s hard to see the forest through the trees, but you just keep driving.


One thought on “Week 4 – Where Stuff Gets Real

  1. Sounds like a normal family to me………. I am glad that you are having a regular life in the middle of the exceptional one. It wouldn’t be real otherwise. Lots of love to you all and safe travels. xxxx


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