Week 10 – Homesick

On the road...

Preparing for our push up the west coast, we received news that had been painfully anticipated.  To try and explain the significance of the following days would be trite.  A close family friend passed away and her death was slow and unfair.  She fought a long hard battle with cancer.  She was loved in this life by more people than I know.  Loved faithfully by her family.  And loved by my husband.  We would make the trip to Idaho Falls, there was never a question.  These people are our people and we care for them the best we can.

The unanticipated trip to Idaho brought on feelings of homesickness that I hadn’t yet encountered.  I believed the next time I stepped foot in that state it would be to pick up my car on the way to Colorado.  We were in Idaho, but my heart was traveling elsewhere.  I was longing for home cooked meals and my own bed.  I wanted my dog to sit on the couch next to me in front of the fire.  I needed a coffee with friends.  I was aching for exercise not afforded by long car rides.  These feelings gave me an all new appreciation for my baby boy’s strength – he was homesick from day one.

As much as I wanted to throw in the towel and head for home, we had two solid weeks left and the Pacific Northwest waiting for us.  Then there was that other, opposite to homesick, feeling that I was feeling.  For all the times on our road trip I wished for independence and privacy, the trade off for those luxuries was losing the intimacy of constant companionship.  This trip showed me all the ways I had been missing from my family.  All the ways that we were not close and cared for.

We have learned so much about perseverance.  We have learned what happens after the really hard times and how often the reward is just getting through it.  I sorely fail at modeling good behavior for my kids, but this was a chance to model perseverance.  Everyone knew by the time we got to Idaho I was imagining myself cozied up in Colorado, they did not know how I was going to make another two weeks on the road.

We stopped in Boise to round out week 10.  The boys watched football and Aunt Sara made us breakfast and lattes.  I am writing this after the fact.  Mostly to remember all the greatness that happened because we persevered (we meaning me).  We were blown to Seattle through the Tri-Cities and right past Prosser, WA (the home of my college roommate – little known fact).  For much of December we stayed with family or friends, freeing up our budget, and settling my heart a bit.  I knew one thing for sure, I did not want to miss one moment of the weeks to come.  Next up:  Seattle, WA.


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