The Route

Let's Go!, Preparation
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I am posting this map with a bit of trepidation.  Mostly because last night we considered scrapping everything and thought about heading to the Florida Keys for the next little bit.  Then heading west for ski season.  Our map is ambitious and we know it.  We just wanted to see what was possible.  We wanted to know if we were to hit all of the major places we ever dreamed of if that was physically possible in three months.  In the last week we took Chicago off the route.  Last night we added back St. Louis.  We debated long past our bedtime, knowing we were leaving in the morning. We are still working out our goals and expectations.

Our trip is not set in stone.  But this is our plan for now.  I think we have ultimately decided to go where we are interested and stay where we are comfortable.  We hope to never travel more than 10 hours a day, and never have two long travel days back to back.  The Broncos game in Cleveland may get the ax and so might the Hockey Hall of Fame.  We will have sad little sports fans, but it may mean an extra night in The Big Apple.

We have been using Roadtrippers to map our course.  It is a bit glitchy for this big of a trip.  We are not able to add points of interest, and it is forever changing our trip dates.  However, I do appreciate knowing what kind of driving day we have ahead of us and if I want to map out a hypothetical route, it’s very simple.

Keep us in your thoughts as we head out later today.  Our first big stop is a special birthday in Malcolm, NE.  We have 3 1/2 days to get there.  Please feel free to comment and continue to make suggestions about our route and places to see!  Bon Voyage!


With Gratitude



We are packing again.  This time leaving our digs in Idaho.  We have been so fortunate to call this place home for the last four months.  Brad and I are both a bit melancholy to think we are leaving.  We reminded each other that leaving doesn’t always come with finality.  It is not forever.  And as I took my last, slow drive on the Moose-Wilson road, yesterday, I found my mind wandering to all the things I would like to do and see next summer under the steadfast watch of the Tetons.


There is so much to be thankful for and my heart is full today as I reflect.  We have a most wonderful support system of family and friends.  I realize that family is in your heart no matter where you are.  They are not only the people who claim you by birth, but the friends you meet along the way.  They are the people who support your big, wild, crazy, plan.  Support your ability to change and grow.  Support the ways in which you fail and fail again.  They are the people who pick you up and dust you off and send you on your way.


For every gut wrenching day of road school, there has been a sweet text, email or caregiver waiting with kindness to counter.  We have had some serious adjustments.  They have been desperate and loud and tearful. {Really.  Picture me jumping up and down in frustration.  Yelling for the kids to stop arguing.  Will laughing that I look just like a child.  Simmer in that for a second.}  However, we have gone days, now, with laughter and cuddles and morning chit chat.  I hear more often, I really loved dinner last night.  Let’s read.  I want to tell you what I learned (we are still working on that one).  I feel so deeply thankful, because the way has been carved with much anxiety and uncertainty.  The relief and joy of letting go of bad feelings is really sweet to the soul.  I’m learning it’s the least we can do for ourselves.


We are thankful for the kindness of friends and family who have been helping us every day to make this trip possible.  Mail.  Dog.  House.  Days Off.  Golfing.  DMV.  Dress Alterations.  Repairs & Maintenance.  Girl Time. Sleepovers.  Pioneering.  Aunts.  Cousins.  Comments.  Text messages.  Calls.  Emails.  Strawberry Preserves.  Love.  Endless Support.  Thank you if you are one of those people who has given yourself to this adventure.  There are no words to express the enormity of our gratitude.  We are taking you with us in our hearts.  It’s almost time to hit the road.

Tomorrow, the much debated and ever changing route….



We were able to use our location in Idaho as a launchpad for a side trip to Glacier National Park in Montana (and Canada).  The weather in the area has been dry and the fire danger high.  Wildfires have been burning in and around the park for weeks causing roads to close and the air quality to be poor with low visibility.  We (I) considered bagging the trip.  There are countless opportunities to experience nature right where we are, next door to the Tetons and at the foot of Yellowstone.  Glacier continued to dangle that carrot, though, and we loaded up for the ten-hour drive.


It may have been a risk to drive all that way not knowing what circumstance we would find ourselves in when we got to Glacier.  As we drove towards the northern border, a storm system moved its way south down the Rockies.  A fresh blanket of rain and snow put the fires to rest, and the air was washed clean.  The next morning the peaks around Lake McDonald were crisp and clear when only a week earlier they were hidden behind smoke.  We found the Going to the Sun road closed for the first time of the season, covered for days under six inches of snow and ice.  Going the distance to Glacier proved a risk worth taking and surprised us in ways we hadn’t foreseen.


As we finalize our plans for the next three months, the test drive to Montana gave us a lot of insight.  Our plans are not rigid, but fluid.  We can’t be limited by the unknown.  And, in fact, our ten-hour trip turned 92 days will be defined by our willingness to push past the hesitation regarding our next destination.

Details – Mileage: 1,483 miles.  Countries visited:  Canada.  States visited:  Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.  National Parks:  Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, Grant-Kohr’s National Monument, Yellowstone National Park.  Animals spotted:  Black Bear, Stellar’s Jay, Pileated Woodpecker (GNP), Moose pair, Bald Eagle, Bison, Elk, Osprey, Downy Woodpecker (YNP).